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I'm purplelicous. Call me Neng Chai , im 17 (2014) Just read my post and leave your footstep at cbox :3

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If I were a millionaire

Well , if I were a millionaire , I would travel around the world. I would visit all the famous places and stay in each country to learn its customs and languanges. Guided tours would not be there for me because they do not allow me to get to know a place really well. I would probably take a few years or month to accomplish the tour but I am very sure that the time will be well spent by me. At the end of the tour I would have a rich knowledge .
When im back home , i would build a mansion. The mansion would be full designed by me and it would have enough rooms for my large family that I intend to have. Hahaha :D I would also want a well equip gymnasium. On the grounds , i would have a beautiful garden and in the middle of the garden would be a fish pond. So then , my family and I can spent time there and enjoy the beauty of the garden in the evening .
For society , i would build a large community hall maybe ? Where the people of all races can come to make use of it. It will contain sports facilities like badminton , squash , ping-pong and other equipment for keeping fit. I'll also hired a qualified instructors around to make sure that the users get maximum benefits .
Last but not least , I will have to make sure I remain a millionaire . In other words , i will make sure that my sources of money are not diminished/finished. This will require that I keep a firm hold of the bussiness I am invloved in. Only then i can be sure that I will remain as a millionaire. Maybe u guys wondered , why would i want to remain as a millionaire? My answer is simple. If I were not one , all the things that I havr started before will come nought and all my efforts would be wasted. Done !